Food Lounge was launched

Brand Idea Food Lounge was launched in January 2016, this project has been created by some companies with the aim of enhancing their products and brands, through dedicated counters that can reflect their own identities; concepts that can communicate the product’s origin and quality, taking the customers throughout an emotional discovery.

An emotional experience

This journey has been developed around end users’ increasing needs of having an emotional experience while they’re shopping. The time consecrated to food has to be raised up to a more meaningful moment, a moment for quality and taste but also for emotions, culture and passion.

In a cosy and modern location our customers can find a wonderful kitchen and innovative counters with take-away products and on site eating spaces. Materials and designs have been chosen to tell a story and to create emotions, these elements have the important responsibility of communicating the continuity that exists between the producer and the product and the customer itself.

We think that the kitchen is the place where the magical transformation of food happens. In the kitchen rituals are invented, desires are enlightened and habits are created. The kitchen is the pivotal element between product and end consumers, it is fundamental.
That is the reason why inside our shop we have enclosed a beautiful “home-styled” kitchen where every week some guest chefs can cook for the customers.